Protecting your family’s health and well-being through the use of only the highest quality products available is our primary concern. Our service technicians stay in contact with you by booking appointments convenient to your schedule. Our professional staff has a 21 year track record of providing the highest quality of service in the industry to homeowners, property managers and realtors. Our office staff and skilled technicians are easy to get along, vetted, screened, licensed, trained, show up on time and are fully capable of handling any pest or termite problems you may encounter.

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In our state of the art I.D. Lab, Killian Pest Control offers pest identification services to our customers and curious citizens, as well as to many of the other pest control companies in town.

In 2015, Killian Pest Control established the Pest Emergency Response Team, P.E.R.T., as an elite team of highly skilled specially trained pest technicians on call 24/7/365. Our P.E.R.T. team proudly and promptly serves the pest needs of hospitals, urgent care facilities, and ambulance companies.

Our technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your garage, basement, kitchen and as well as other common access points where pests enter your home. The outside of your home will be inspected for signs of pest trouble.

We will apply treatment of any problems or signs of trouble and leave a record of the work performed. Regular treatments commonly include: 

We offer drive thru bed bug extermination. Load your belongings into your truck or a trailer and pull into our drive thru bed bug center and drive away pest free!